I enjoyed Photography growing up but it was a different age with film and darkrooms. This was period of  Black and White images developed in a dark room and a age of imagination and experimentation.  Then life took over and I got away from photography for a. while.

Then as digital photography came along I once again renewed my passion for photography. The early digital cameras were OK for snap shots but it was more of a technical challenge than a chance to create. But as my kids got into sports,  I wanted to document those events.  But early digital camera shutter delay made this difficult but this improved as DSLR came out.  As they began to compete more in sports,  I continued to work on improving my pictures.  I also worked some in landscape photography.

I now come to a new stage in my photography as I move a way from a documenting stage to a more creative phase.  I began to realize a strict approach to Landscape photography also felt insufficient to me.  I could not get what I saw in photos I took.  I them stumbled upon the work of Valeda Bailey and Doug Chinnery and realized I was excited about there work and the freeing style of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and Multi Exposure.  I am now exploring that area in my work.

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Alan Norfleet

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Alan Norfleet